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The Watertown Center Historical District (Part I)

Built in 1894, this classic structure is nothing short of a historic treasure. Throughout the first half of its life in particular, it was the very center of Watertown life for many generations. Hundreds of town meetings held here resulted in decisions that affected everyday life in our community. Court hearings were held here, marriage licenses were issued, and this is where everyone gathered to celebrate the end of WWI. In Summer 2020, the town has moved on to a new Town Hall. The fate of this landmark is unclear. Its history remains our common legacy.

Resource: http://watertownhistorymuseum.org/which-town-hall/


Ozzy’s 3rd Birthday

Our family remembers, when we adopted Ozzy (or he adopted us). He was a three months old kitten. Now, he’s three years old. Ozzy is still a kitten at heart. His favorite part of the day is to play-fight with Benny, our Norwegian Forest Cat, or play tag with Zoey, our Labrador/Pitbull mix. When he wants to play alone, he regularly steals Sara’s hairbands and has a blast with them pushing and kicking them around, until they end up under the refrigerator or under the recliner. When Ozzy wants to watch birds, he usually finds a way on top of our miniature greenhouses to look out the sunroom’s windows. He can be quite a bit mischievous. But we love him so much.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ozzy!


Hello April 2022!


Spring Peach Tree
April Songbirds’ joyful music, and the early springtime flowers,
Colorful umbrellas opened wide for April showers.
Days are brighter, hearts are lighter, promise fills the air –
The gifts of April bring us special happiness to share.