Ozzy’s 3rd Birthday

Our family remembers, when we adopted Ozzy (or he adopted us). He was a three months old kitten. Now, he’s three years old. Ozzy is still a kitten at heart. His favorite part of the day is to play-fight with Benny, our Norwegian Forest Cat, or play tag with Zoey, our Labrador/Pitbull mix. When he wants to play alone, he regularly steals Sara’s hairbands and has a blast with them pushing and kicking them around, until they end up under the refrigerator or under the recliner. When Ozzy wants to watch birds, he usually finds a way on top of our miniature greenhouses to look out the sunroom’s windows. He can be quite a bit mischievous. But we love him so much.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ozzy!

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