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Hiking In Mount Tom State Park, Washington Depot, Connecticut

Mt. Tom is one of the oldest parks in the state park system; it is named for the mountain within its boundaries. In 1915 it was established as a state park. There is a stone tower on top of the mountain that is a favored destination among hikers. The summit of Mt. Tom is 1325 feet above sea level, 125 feet higher than its Massachusetts counterpart. The tower trail is less than one mile long and rises some 500 feet.

Kevin, Katelynn and I rode to Washington Depot to take a hike in Mount Tom State Park. The hiking trail was pretty steep in some areas. But as a reward, we could go up Mount Tom Tower and have a nice scenic view over Mount Tom Pond and the surrounding area. It was very windy at the summit. So, we decided not to stay up there for too long. On our way back, we saw some cool plants. One was a tree, which grew its roots around some big rocks, while at another spot of the trail a Striped Wintergreen plant poked its head out of the brown foliage. Since we were at the park, we visited Mount Tom Pond Beach. The wind made little ripples in the water. But the water is still ice cold.

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