2022 · Connecticut · Hiking In Connecticut · USA

Echo Lake Park, Watertown, Connecticut In April (1)

After dropping off Sara in school, I drove over to Echo Lake Park. Echo Lake Park is my favorite spot in Watertown. And it is only half a mile from our house. Usually, when I go there, I get greeted by a lot of Canada Geese. Today, there was a lonely goose paddling on the lake. My guess is that the other geese arrived at the park, later. I’m still waiting for the trees to bud and turn green. However, this could take until the end of April into the beginning of May. Connecticut teaches me a lot of patience in nature, for sure.

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After The Rain (1)

Since yesterday afternoon it rained, until this morning. Once the sun rose, fog covered the Naugatuck River Valley in a light blanket. However, it didn’t take long for the sun to burn the fog away. And sunshine came through the rest of the clouds. In our yard, everything was covered in thick pearly raindrops. The day warmed up fast. And we had temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s (15° – 16℃). There is more rain in the forecast for this weekend.