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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming & The Roosevelt Arch In Gardiner, Montana 2010

The following morning, we were ready for our first trip through Yellowstone National Park. Since our campground was in West Thumb, west of Yellowstone Lake, we had to drive all the way up north from US 191 & US 89 to make it to Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana, which is also the North Entrance of the park. That’s where we wanted to begin our journey. On the way up there, we saw our first Grizzly in the wild. The bear was making his way up the hill, before it disappeared behind the tree line.

In Gardiner, we enjoyed lunch at Rosie’s, before we looked at Roosevelt Arch and made our way back into the National Park. The distance from the arch and the Montana/Wyoming state border is exactly 3 miles.

… to be continued …

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100 Years Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial has been with us just 100 years. It opened on the National Mall, the Potomac River flowing behind it, on May 30, 1922. That was 57 years after President Abraham Lincoln was felled by an assassin’s bullet scant days after the Civil War had officially ended. Since then, millions of visitors — US citizens and people from around the world — come yearly to bask in the majesty of the ancient Greece-inspired temple and to glean some wisdom from the 16th president of the United States.

Resource: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/lincoln-memorial-100th-anniversary-washington/

1922 – 2022

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Memorial Day 2022

The Arlington National Cemetery
“At its core, the nobility and the majesty of Memorial Day can be found in the story of ordinary Americans who become extraordinary for the most simple of reasons: They loved their country so deeply, so profoundly, that they were willing to give their lives to keep it safe and free.”

President Barack Obama, Memorial Day 2010

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My Garden Project: The New Greenhouse (Part IV)


Today, Kevin and I got some work done with the greenhouse. Now, the lower frame is installed and the panels are slid in place. There were so many screws for putting the frame together. Our backs began to hurt and we had to call it a day. But I’m glad we’ve got it this far. The next level had to be done with a ladder. The greenhouse is very tall.


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A Rainy Day In Connecticut (5)

Since the early morning hours, we have had rainstorms passing through Connecticut. Due to the rain, the air feels so refreshing. It is cleaner from all these pollens flying around, which are causing us to have seasonal allergies. Here in New England our allergies are not as bad as in Texas. But we still get them. Mostly our throats are itching. Today, we can walk outside without any symptoms. It is nice having a break. I used this opportunity to capture photos of the rain on our back porch. And I filled a couple of milk containers with rain water from the gutter. At some point, we need to get one of those rain water barrels. we had in Texas. Fresh rain water for the garden and greenhouse is still the best.

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Miss Trixie, The Neighbor’s Cat

Ms. Trixie

Lisa has a beautiful black cat, Trixie, which likes to come to visit our yard. When Benny sees Trixie, his demeanor changes, and he becomes all silly at the front room window. He rubs his head and swirls his body on the cat tree, until he falls off of it. Trixie looks up in the window and probably laughs in her own way. Benny and Trixie need a meet-and-great at some point. She definitely has an admirer.


Lisa’s Garden In Late May 2022 ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒบ

Ms. Lisa is our neighbor across the street. She always loves to take care of her garden in Spring/Summer here in New England. I also learn a lot from her flower gardening skills. Lisa works in a flower company. Once the Spring and Autumn seasons are done, she comes home with plenty of flowers and herbs. At this moment, her Allium, Coral Honeysuckle, Wisteria and a few other plants are in bloom. Trixie, Benny’s ‘girlfriend’, loves to stroll in the garden. She’s such a cutie pie. Last year, Trixie was still shy. Yesterday, she came to me and let me pet her. Success! Animals do know if they deal with a good or a not-so-good person.

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My Garden Project: The New Greenhouse (Part III)


Kevin and I had to reinforce the wood frame. The aluminum frame is bolded down with screws.

Kevin and I reinforced the wood frame because the outer frame was too big. And I didn’t want to chop the original frame up. Once the wood frame was done, I built the aluminum bottom frame. We secured it by screwing it into the wood frame. Hopefully, this will prevent the greenhouse from falling over in high winds. Now, all the little detailed work has to be done, before I can build the outer upward frames, so I can slide the polycarbonate panels into place. Yep, this will take some time to get all done.


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Say ‘Hello’ To Zoey

July 27, 2019

This week was very busy. First, weโ€™ve got our hearts broken, because we had to let Lexi cross the rainbow bridge on Tuesday. Then I found out that our local shelter is over-flown with dogs and cats, and they call this situation โ€œCODE REDโ€. Last night, I asked Kevin if we were ready for another dog. The shelter needs relief by adopting those sweet pups and kittens. Kevin agreed, we could take another fur baby in.

This morning, Kevin, Katelynn, Sara, Luis and I went to the shelter as soon as it opened. After a Meet & Greet, we decided we would give Leti, who is now Zoey, a shot. We were told she doesnโ€™t like small dogs and no cats. I heard that before, and was determined that my pets all get along with each other. And sure enough, as soon as Zoey entered our house, Joshua waited patiently at the door (heโ€™s cool with the ladies), Chewbacca watched her from a higher level in the dining area, and Ozzyโ€™s back hair was standing up. But Ozzy wanted to play like a kitten. After a couple of swipes and nips, Ozzy and Zoey got along with each other. They chased one another in the house and played tag. After a nice walk, the dogs are tired and sleep in the front room.

Zoey, the Pitador (Pitbull/Labrador Mix)

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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 2010

Since Kevin, Katelynn, Sara and I still had to wait for our camping site to be ready in Yellowstone, we visited Grand Teton National Park. We’ve entered from the Moran Entrance Station and drove north on US Hwy. 191. Along the way, we’ve made several stops and walked around to enjoy the view. One of the ladies in the Souvenir Cabin mentioned to us, when we visit next time to make Grand Teton our priority. Everyone wants to go to Yellowstone National Park, because it is more famous for its hot springs and geysers. But the real beauty is in Grand Teton National Park. I’ve heard that before about Australia and New Zealand. Most people want to go to Australia; but New Zealand has the real beauty. I have to keep that in mind, before I plan another trip to Wyoming.

… to be continued …

Happy National Wyoming Day!


World Turtle Day 2022

Red-eared Slider Turtles

Rarely is there an animal more beloved by humanity than the turtle. These shelled creatures can be found in virtually all corners of the globe and have found their way into parables, mythology and all forms of popular media. Each year, May 23rd is dedicated to our friends, the turtle, and tortoise. World Turtle Day is not only about showing love and adoration towards turtles but also making sure we can protect them as well as their various habitats.

Itโ€™s important to know what the difference between a turtle and a tortoise is. Although they both belong to the same family, turtles spend their time near or in the water while tortoises are primarily land creatures. Both turtles and tortoises are creatures who play tremendous roles in their respective ecosystems. Whether itโ€™s by digging holes that are habitable for other creatures or cleaning up dead fish from beaches, there are more than enough reasons to ensure their protection.

Resource: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/world-turtle-day-may-23/

Happy World Turtle Day!

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My Garden Project: The New Greenhouse (Part II)


This morning we went to Home Depot early to get our materials before it would get too warm to work on the greenhouse. After I worked on paving the floor this whole last week, I filled the space with sand. Kevin helped me screw the wooden frame together. The frame will be great for higher raised beds and it keeps the aluminum frame of the greenhouse sturdier. Later, we will add stairs by the front doors to have easier access inside the greenhouse. Now, we just have to wait for the temperatures to cool off before I can get more work done.


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Chewbacca, The Garden Helper

Chewbacca comes running to help me to work on the greenhouse flooring.

Chewbacca always comes running, when I call him while I work on a garden project. He has to make sure I’m doing everything right. In the meantime, he eats some grass and pukes on the ground. Lovely! When I’m fast enough, I can move him away from the greenhouse flooring, before he leaves me a present on the pavers. The joy of having cats as pets. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. I would rather have him gagging in the yard than in the house. Once he feels better, he makes sure I lay out the bricks in a square.

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๐ŸŒบWorld Bee Day 2022 ๐Ÿ

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20 each year. The purpose of the international day is to acknowledge the role of bees and other pollinators for the ecosystem. Every year on this day, the global public will focus on the importance of preserving honey bees and all other pollinators. People will be reminded of the significance of bees in providing for the needs of humanity.

Resource: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/world-bee-day-may-20/

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A Rainy Day In Connecticut (4)

It began to rain in the early morning. And the rain lasted until the late morning hours. While I captured photos of droplets, a Northern Cardinal fledgling got confused and almost landed on me. Once it figured out, I wasn’t mommy or daddy it made a sharp turn and sat on the porch railing.

Today, it was a cool day. However, this weekend we are supposed to get temperatures in the mid-90s (35โ„ƒ). It will feel just like Texas, before the weather cools down to the 70s on Monday.

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Ozzy, The Kitten

July 1, 2019

Say Hello to our new kitten, Ozzy, weโ€™ve adopted him today. This morning I woke up, and decided, itโ€™s time for a new cat to complete our house again, After Finley crossed the rainbow bridge, I had a hard time even thinking about adopting a new cat for the last two years. But today was the day. I know Finley looks down from cat heaven, and is very proud that another animal found a furever home in our family.

Ozzy came home with us, and we introduced him to the gang. Luis sniffed out the box, while Ozzy tried to get out of it. Ozzy gave Luis a nose kiss, and they were buds from that moment onward. Chewbacca was next, he sniffed Ozzyโ€™s butt. Itโ€™s funny, because this is usually the dogsโ€™ job. But Chewbacca is a โ€œdogโ€ in his own way. Then our diva, Joshua, saw Ozzy. OMG, speaking of diva and drama. Joshua hissed and was mad, because he is so jealous. Chewbacca gave him a piece of his mind. And Joshua is mad at everyone, now. We have to give joshโ€™ about 48 hours, and he will be alright. Even Lexi came out from her nap to welcome Ozzy into the family.

Sara played with Ozzy all afternoon. Now, they are both tired and take a nap on the couch. They literally pooped each other out.

2022 · Days of The Week · Wildlife Wednesday

Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus)

Although the Greater Roadrunner occurs throughout Texas, is well known, is the topic of much folklore, and is a very popular cartoon character, the only field research studies that have been conducted are in desert scrub or brush-grassland habitats in South Texas. As a popular multicultural iconic bird, from prehistory to modern times, it is surprising that it was one of the last bird species to be given state protection because of the mistaken belief that roadrunners were a threat to declining quail populations.

Resource: https://txtbba.tamu.edu/species-accounts/greater-roadrunner/

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Denver & Fort Collins, Colorado 2010

Denver, The Mile High City

In July 2010 we went on a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Sara was nine months old. And it was her first trip outside of Texas. We drove from Texas through Oklahoma and Kansas, where we spent the night in the car, before moving on to Colorado to get to Wyoming. In Colorado, we bypassed Denver and made a stop in Fort Collins to get out of the car and move around for a while. Katelynn was happy to walk and get her legs stretched out. And Sara needed another diaper change. Kevin and I were surprised that Sara handled the ride very well. And she was barely fuzzing. A full tummy, frequent diaper changes and a goofy older sister seemed to help a lot during the trip.

… to be continued …


A Refreshing Spring Rainstorm ~ May 2022

Earlier, when I laid out more bricks for the greenhouse floor it felt very humid outside. Later, it got breezy and the temperatures began to cool down a little bit. It started to get more comfortable. But with the breeze, the darker clouds and a storm front moved in. The rain was so refreshing. After the darkest clouds moved out, the sun began to shine again. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a rainbow.

2022 · On Our Property · The Greenhouse

My Garden Project: The New Greenhouse (Part I)


Summer/Autumn 2021

The greenhouse was ordered and picked up, and the materials for the greenhouse floor were ordered and delivered. And I have my vision put on paper. All I need is to focus and some elbow grease to turn this idea into a nice little garden oasis. The first mission will be the base to build that floor. This will be a backbreaking project. Letโ€™s see how everything will turn out. Iโ€™ll keep yโ€™all updated on this project.

Iโ€™ve got some work done with the flooring for the greenhouse. After I measured everything out, I put the stakes in place and span a rope around the perimeter. Once I had the edging installed, Kevin and I dumped a gravel mix on the ground. Then we covered it with landscape fabric. Now, we have bricks on the fabric temporarily.

Spring 2022

Since the weather is beautiful, and I recovered from the surgeries I had last Winter, it is time to work on my project where I left off last Autumn. Last weekend, I spread out the leveling sand and started to work on the brick floor. While Kevin transported the bricks from the pallet to the spot where I wanted the greenhouse to be, I laid them out on the ground. Every other day, I work on the greenhouse floor, so I can get to the next step: Building a frame on the bottom of the greenhouse to get more raised bed space and prevent it from flying away in the high wind gusts. The bricks are not set perfectly. But in most areas, I’ll have raised beds anyway.

… to be continued …



OUCH! That Hurts! ๐Ÿฟ

Eastern Chipmunk on our front door steps

Kevin and I did some yard work this afternoon, when he saw Joshua dragging something in his mouth. Since Joshua was right behind me, I grabbed the cat and told him to drop it. A young chipmunk lay there and didn’t move. Kevin took Joshua, while I checked out the little chipmunk. It was on its back in my hands, so I immediately turned it on its belly to check the back and sides. Other than some cat saliva it seemed to be okay. Within a few seconds the chipmunk began to wiggle and bite my finger. The more I tried to pull that darn rodent away, the more it dug in with its teeth. So, the best decision was to let it go. It unlatched and ran under the riding lawnmower. Now, it was Kevin’s turn to find the chipmunk, while I took Joshua inside the house. Enough rodent hunting for that cat in one day! Kevin could get the chipmunk to run from under the lawnmower to and climb up the nearest oak tree. From there, he looked and yelled at both of us. “I guess, that’s the thanks I get for saving him from our cat.”

Thank goodness, the little chipmunk is not rabid. And I have my tetanus shot up-to-date. Today, my finger looks like nothing ever happened. But that bite from that little $#@% hurt.

2022 · Days of The Week · Saturday - Caturday

Happy Caturday! (3)

Ozzy loves his morning strolls around the yard.

Ozzy loves to explore everything in our yard. He watches bumble bees, butterflies, and many other insects emerge from under dew-covered leaves. Birds catch some worms and larva for their offspring on the lawn. Chipmunks perk their little heads from their burrows. And squirrels chase each other around a tree trunk. There is so much to see and prowl on for Ozzy. Once it gets warm throughout the day, he will take a nap in the afternoon. He needs the energy to continue his adventures in the evening, again.

2022 · Days of The Week · Throwback Thursday

Luis, The (?) Mix, aka. “Sir Fartsalot”

When Ranger passed, we were all very devastated. I shed a lot of tears. And especially Lexi didnโ€™t want to eat. Due to mourning, she ate a couple of milk bones each day. And that was it. After two weeks, Iโ€™ve seen enough. We decided to adopt another dog from the shelter, to make our family complete again. Lexi needed a buddy of her kind. The cats did a good job. But it is not the same without another dog. And I needed someone to help me with my grief.

Katelynn, Sara and I went to the shelter. We looked at some dogs, which were playing in a huge fenced area outside. I spoke with a lady, who volunteers at the shelter on a bi-daily basis. After I told her that we just lost a pet, she pointed out โ€œBillโ€. The girls and I looked at Bill closer, walked him around in the shelter area, and asked for more information at the front desk. Since he was the โ€œPet of the Weekโ€, we got him vetted and for a good adoption price. The papers said, he is a pug/boxer. But when I looked at him closer, there was no way that this dog was a partial pug. I looked up pictures of all kinds of boxer mixes. And we came to the conclusion, he is a pit/boxer mix. We are still not 100 percent sure. Only a DNA test could give more information. But Iโ€™m pretty confident there is a pit in this dog.

When we came home, โ€œBillโ€ made friends with Joshua immediately. We were very surprised. Joshua is usually the last pet to warm up with a new fur-friend. But that should change a few days later. Joshua is no friend of hustle and bustle and started to enjoy the โ€œsliceโ€™nโ€™diceโ€ moments. He does it only when Luis comes way too close to him. Luis learned quickly that a cat has claws. And those claws aren’t pretty. Katelynn didnโ€™t like โ€œBillโ€ so much, and wanted to name the dog differently. She said, she likes โ€œLuisโ€ so much better. After some thoughts and how we were going to spell his name, we agreed to โ€œLuisโ€.

Luis is such a stinker. He came a long way, since he didnโ€™t know any commands when we first adopted him. Now, he is pretty good at it. Sometimes he is still focused on something. And it is harder to get his attention. But we work on it. He loves to chase and protect us from the โ€œevil rabbitโ€. But then again, when Luis stops to take a leak, the rabbit sits next to him and waits patiently until Luis is done with his business. I think they are more friends than enemies. And I believe Luis chases the rabbit to get some workout. Yes, Luis loves daddy so much that he chewed up a pair of Kevinโ€™s jeans, a pair of shorts, one of his dress shoes, and a pair of old tennis shoes. I guess Luis gets bored with all his chewy and squeaky toys sometimes. But on a good note: Since Chewbacca has a friend, who he can play and rough house with, he hasnโ€™t chewed a cord lately.

Luis does a good job to help me with grieving for Ranger. Ranger was an awesome, laid-back dog. Luis, on the other hand, is soooo hyper. But that is exactly what we all needed: a dog with a different character. That way, we wonโ€™t compare them too much. And we accept each pet as an individual. We are very happy; Luis became a member of our family. 

(February 2017)

2022 · Days of The Week · Wildlife Wednesday

Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus)

A close cousin of the ground squirrel, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog is a heavy-bodied rodent with a black-tipped tail. Prairie dogs have large eyes, short tails and brownish-tan pelage.

Prairie dogs play an important role in the prairie ecosystem. They serve as a food source for many predators and leave vacant burrows for the burrowing owl, the Black-footed Ferret, the Texas horned lizard, rabbits, hares, and even rattlesnakes.

Prairie dogs are very social animals. They live as a group in prairie dog “towns” which range from one to over 1,000 acres. These towns are subdivided into wards that are arranged like counties within a state. Wards are further subdivided into distinct social units called coteries. A coterie usually consists of a single adult male, one to four adult females, and any offspring under two years of age. Movement between wards is uncommon; however, among family members, prairie dogs greet each other with bared teeth with which they “kiss” as a form of recognition.

Prairie dogs are strictly diurnal animals. They are most active during the cool hours of the day, when they engage in social activities such as visiting and grooming each other as well as feeding on grass and herbs. When prairie dogs are out, a sentry perches on the volcano-like ring that surrounds the burrow. Should a predator or any other danger become evident, the sentry will bark out a warning, after which the community will dive into their burrows and wait for the “all clear” call before venturing out again.

Prairie dogs are native to short-grass prairie habitats of western North America. They avoid heavy brush and tall grass areas due to the reduced visibility these habitats impose.

Resource: https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/wild/species/prairie/

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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona 2008

The following day, we looked at some interesting stone formations and petrified tree stomps. The Blue Maze and the Painted Desert just look stunning. After we purchased a couple more souvenirs, we were on our way back home.

On this trip, we had a very young child with us. So, we had to plan age-appropriate tours for her. Katelynn didnโ€™t get bored. And Kevin and I could still see what we wanted to see on this trip. When the girls are both in their teens, we still can consider if we want to plan a bigger trip to the Grand Canyon to do a hike into the canyon or do a wild water raft on the Colorado River. Meanwhile they both look at photos and chat about that huge gap in the Earth divided by a โ€œtinyโ€ river. โ€œItโ€™s biiiig!โ€ Sara said to her dad, when she was sitting on a bench near the Desert View Tower in December 2017.



Mother’s Day ~ 2022


Mama Duck & her offspring

Happy Mother’s Day!


2022 · Days of The Week · Saturday - Caturday

Benjamin & His Chair

Benny rests on his favorite chair in the family room.

It took Benny a little bit to get comfortable in our new house. By nature, he’s skittish. Therefore, he had a hard time getting adjusted in the beginning. Once Benny found his favorite spot, he began to blossom again. He loves his chair in the family room, where he is elevated and not on the floor, but he has an easy escape route, when Zoey startles him. Oh, and he’s not sharing that chair with anyone. That is HIS chair.

2022 · Days of The Week · Throwback Thursday

Chewbacca, The Ginger Maine Coon

Last November I looked up a cat at a local shelter. She was a sweet Himalayan/Siamese. And she reminded me of โ€œTardar Sauceโ€ a.k.a. โ€œThe Grumpy Catโ€. I felt sad, because she was approximately 8 โ€“ 10 years old. And pets at that age have it much harder to get adopted, because a lot of people have the perception that older animals are stuck in their ways. They might have never heard of: โ€œYou still can teach an old dog new tricks.โ€

The girls and I went to the shelter and we were almost ready to adopt the cat, when the lady at the desk told me about the adoption fees. My mouth dropped. I just couldnโ€™t afford spaying fees and doctor fees at the same time. I was a little heartbroken. But I didnโ€™t give up. Because I came with the mind-set that we would adopt a cat that day.

I looked in the cages, and there was a cute male Mainecoon cat sitting there and staring at me. The lady at the shelter let us look at him, to see how he behaves. He was very playful. And he showed himself from his best side. I said: โ€œYep, he might be the better decision!โ€ Papers were filled out and signed. And we could take the cat home. Since his shelter name was Chewbacca, he kept his name. Hey, Iโ€™m a Star Wars fan since I was eight years old.

Since I didnโ€™t have a cage to transport Chewbacca, we sat him in Katelynnโ€™s lap and told her to hold on to him on his neck for safety reasons. That way he would squirmย and wiggle around, while I was driving. At home I took Chewbacca from Katelynn and I walked with him into the house. Lexi was greeting us. But I forgot, not every cat is used to dogs. Chewbacca jumped towards the storm door and was shocked, because there was a dog in the house. Lexi is very outgoing, and he didnโ€™t like that one bit. After some hissing, I told Lexi to go and called Finley. The cats got along very well, to my surprise. I called Ranger next. Ranger and Chewbacca looked at each other from a distance, and they both seemed to be alright. Ranger is a very laid-back dog. He gave Chewbacca that vibe: itโ€™s all okay. Joshua, the โ€œQueenโ€, woke up from his nap and wanted to see what this commotion was all about. โ€œOh hell, no! You brought another cat home??? HISS-HISS-HISS!โ€ I could tell that Joshua was very jealous of the new cat. Finley must have thought it was very hilarious. He finally wouldnโ€™t get attacked by Joshua as much anymore, and he can relax. I think thatโ€™s why he liked Chewbacca from the moment they crossed each otherโ€™s path.

Joshua was mad for three days. He walked by Chewbacca and hissed as badly as he could. Chewbacca gave him the look: โ€œDude, if I wanted to do it, I could kick your butt!โ€ That made Joshua even more mad. The same day, Joshua must have gone too far with his bad attitude. Chewbacca gave Joshua a piece of his mind and kicked his butt. Joshua learned a valuable lesson: Donโ€™t mess with someone, you donโ€™t know! All cats started to get along much better. Lexi learned to be less crazy on Chewbacca. And Chewbacca doesnโ€™t feel intimidated by her anymore.

Now, we need to work on not spilling all the water by knocking cups over. And we need to learn to stop chewing on cell phone charging cords. Other than these little โ€œminor setbacksโ€, he is an awesome fur-baby.

April 2015

2022 · Days of The Week · Wildlife Wednesday

Common Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia Coenia)

A Common Buckeye butterfly along the Cottonwood Trail in LLELA, Lewisville, Texas

The Common Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia coenia), a member of the Nymphalinae subfamily, is distinguished by two eyespots on the upper side of each of its forewings and hindwings and by two orange cell bars on the upper sides of the anterior portion of the forewings. Its body color is brown. Its range extends from southern Canada and the United States to southern Mexico. Adults feed primarily on the nectar of flowers, such as those of chicory, knapweed, dogbane, and aster.

Resource: https://www.britannica.com/animal/brush-footed-butterfly

2022 · Connecticut · Places · Texas

Sell A House; Buy A House ~ May 2021


Exactly one year ago was a bittersweet day. We finalized everything by signing the Texas house over to the new owner. It was our home for nearly 16 years. And weโ€™ve raised our girls in this place. The Colony is a great community to raise children. It has great schools with an awesome ISD (Independent School District). The shops are close to home. But our street is still quiet. We will miss our good old home and community. At the same time, we are very grateful for still having a job during this pandemic. Even when it brings us to a completely different area in this country.


Before we signed the papers for purchasing the home in Watertown, we got a chance to look at the house inside. I saw it only in photos and on a live camera, when Kevin and the Real Estate Agent walked through the place. Finally, Iโ€™ve got a visible dimension of the house and the property. We saw what needs to be changed and how we have to approach it. In the afternoon, we signed the papers at the title company in Oakville, which is still a part of Watertown.

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 2008 (Part II)

Tuesday morning, I brushed my hair while stepping out of our tent. A lady from the neighboring camping lot approached me slowly and said: โ€œLook to your left and move slowly awayโ€. First, I thought, she was talking about a venomous snake or a bobcat or something really frightening. It was White-tailed Deer. But that young deer was so close, if I had stretched my arm out, I could have touched its nose. Not a good idea! The annual reports show that accidents happen more with โ€œcute little bambies & bunniesโ€ than with any other โ€œdangerousโ€ wildlife. Because some stupid tourists think, oh look at that sweet little deer, take photos while hugging them and wonder why they get kicked in the groin. On the other hand, there have been โ€œonlyโ€ three bobcat attacks in the last Century. And usually the cats only attacked, because they were cornered โ€ฆ by tourists. Do you get the point? (I could tell some interesting stories; Iโ€™ve witnessed on my two-day trip in Yellowstone N.P. in 2010. But thatโ€™s material worth writing in another blog.) Back to the white-tailed deer buck: Kevin and Katelynn came back to our campground from getting cleaned up. I told them to be very quiet. Kevin picked up the camera and filmed the three deer on our lot. One thought it owns the place, while the other two were licking stones to get minerals. Katelynn and I sat on a boulder and watched them from a safer place. We also invited more camp neighbors to capture photos of the deer. Sharing is caring!

After the deer adventure, we packed up and drove to the Tusayan Ruins & Museum. It was very interesting to see how ancient people lived at the edge of the Grand Canyon. The rest of Tuesday, we traveled east on I-40 to get to a motel close by the Petrified Forest National Park. We wanted to be well rested, before we visited the park and travelled back home to Texas.

… to be continued …

2022 · Connecticut · Hiking In Connecticut · USA

Echo Lake Park In Late April 2022

Yesterday evening Kevin, Zoey and I took a little stroll in Echo Lake Park. Because there is a sign to walk in twos or bigger groups due to wildlife activity, I’ve never been on the backside of the lake. The weather was beautiful and we had to stretch our legs from driving back and forth to New York City. The Echo Lake Park Trail is approximately half a mile one way. While on the trail, we saw a turkey hiking up the hill, trying to get away from our curious dog. There are several benches to sit and relax by the water’s edge. On the backside of a boulder there are a couple of artwork drawings. A beaver left its own work close by the lake. Kevin wondered how long it would take a beaver to chew through a tree that size in the photo above. Since it gets warmer, more Canada Geese come back to Echo Lake, again. Zoey really wanted to chase them. But Kevin had a good grip on her, even when she jumped right off the bench. This girl is crazy, when it involves chasing wildlife. After all, she’s part Labrador and part Pity.

2022 · Beltane · Wheel of The Year

Beltane Blessings 2022


Blessed be the Maiden innocent and fresh,
Blessed be the Mother fertile and loving
Blessed be the Crone powerful and wise โ€“
Blessed be the Lord gentle and kind,
Blessed be the Father protective and warm,
Blessed be the King forever reborn.

โ›คย Blessed Beltane!โ›ค