2022 · Arizona · Days of The Week · Places · Travel Tuesday · USA

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona 2008

The following day, we looked at some interesting stone formations and petrified tree stomps. The Blue Maze and the Painted Desert just look stunning. After we purchased a couple more souvenirs, we were on our way back home.

On this trip, we had a very young child with us. So, we had to plan age-appropriate tours for her. Katelynn didn’t get bored. And Kevin and I could still see what we wanted to see on this trip. When the girls are both in their teens, we still can consider if we want to plan a bigger trip to the Grand Canyon to do a hike into the canyon or do a wild water raft on the Colorado River. Meanwhile they both look at photos and chat about that huge gap in the Earth divided by a “tiny” river. “It’s biiiig!” Sara said to her dad, when she was sitting on a bench near the Desert View Tower in December 2017.


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