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Class of 2022 Watertown, Connecticut: Katelynn’s High School Graduation


Class of 2022 at Watertown High School, Connecticut

I swear, driving Katelynn to her first day of kindergarten was just yesterday. And today, ‘Little Texas’ (Katelynn’s nickname from other high school students, because she’s petite and from big Texas) graduated from High School. Where went the last 13 years? Katelynn grew from a little girl into a grown-up woman. This weekend she spent her time loading her car. Tomorrow, Katelynn and Christian will be traveling back to Dallas, Texas. It is tough for Kevin and me to have empty nest syndrome. Sara will miss her older sister very much. Today, I had to drink a German Hefeweizen beer to stay sane. *sigh*


6 thoughts on “Class of 2022 Watertown, Connecticut: Katelynn’s High School Graduation

    1. She’s going to college or might join the US Military and does college there, while she serves the country. Either way, we agreed this won’t be the last rope she’s wearing for graduation.


        1. Going to college in Dallas or joining the US military would be two different things. She would have to go to different military bases for basic training and AIT. And after that, the military could easily ship her out into the rest of the world. While she’s serving, she can go to college classes and earn her degree. It would help her, once she enters the civilian world, again. Maybe she makes the military as a career, or she might not join it in first place. But we discussed all the options, that are out there when she was still in HS.

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