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White Memorial Conservation Center ~ Little Pond Boardwalk Trail In June 2022

Kevin and I visited the Little Pond Boardwalk Trail at the White Memorial Conservation Center back in March. Since it is not far from our house and an easy hike, we decided to take the girls and Christian there for a walk, last Sunday. Instead of snow and ice, everything is green and in bloom now. We walked by a lot of wildflowers. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a lot of wildlife. It was a nice 1.7-mile hike around the loop and back to the car.

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Father’s Day 2022

If I could find the perfect words
I’d write them ‘cross the sky
In lots of shiny colors
With letters ten feet high.
Then everyone could read about
The man that I call dad
And how he’s always there for me
In good times or in bad.
I need to let you know dad
Cause sometimes it’s hard to say
But I have always loved you
And in my heart, you’ll always stay.
Thank you for just being you
I’m so proud you are my dad
You truly are my hero
And the best friend I’ll ever have.
Author: Unknown