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My Iron IV Treatments

Since I’m chronically anemic, I need an Iron IV booster every so often. Especially when I had blood loss due to my Portal Vein Thrombosis and bleeding from my esophagus and stomach last Autumn. With being on a blood thinner and anxiety medication, I can’t take regular supplemental iron. It just hurts my stomach. A month ago, my hematologist’s APRN ordered an Iron IV Treatment which will be four rounds. Now, once a week I have to visit my hematologist’s office and get an Iron IV. Thank goodness, we have that on schedule. I hope I will feel much better in about 6 – 8 weeks after the first treatment, today.

The background story blog:

5 thoughts on “My Iron IV Treatments

    1. Thank you, Mags!

      Me too! It shouldn’t take long. Yesterday (Tuesday), I’ve also got my Hep B shot and therefore the Hepatitis series are done. This morning I feel like I had my Covid-19 shot done. LOL But that should go away, soon. Moving around and doing a little bit of housework will fix it.

      Today, I have another Dr.’s appointment, seeing the GI doctor. Then I’m done with appointments for this week. Next week is another set. I try to get everything done during Summer Break, before school begins again. 😊

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      1. Wow, that is a lot to have to do. I will be thinking of you and saying prayers. Great idea getting appointments done during the summer. Stay safe while out and about.

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