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Boston Common & Public Garden In Boston, Massachusetts 2022

Boston Common & Public Garden

Kevin and I made our traditional visit to Boston for the 4th of July. We decided we visit the Boston Common and the Public Garden, today. I believe this is the beginning of the Boston “Freedom Trail”. Last year, we were close to the other end, at the USS Constitution at the Boston Harbor. When it cools down, we have to make another trip to walk on that historical trail in Boston.

The Boston Common and the Public Garden have a lot of statues with history. We went to the Boston Common Garage, which is right beneath the park. So, we just had to go upstairs to go into the park. Crossing Charles Street is the entrance of the Public Garden. I liked this place so much better. Visitors seem more relaxed and take the surroundings in, in a much smaller setting. Some walk their dogs, and some read a boom on a bench. And tourists like us enjoyed looking at more statues, and interesting trees, getting chased by local squirrels (no kidding) and riding on Swan Boats on the Swan Pond.

After Kevin and I walked around for a while, we decided to leave Boston. We were hungry, and we didn’t spend too much money in the city. We went to a Cracker Barrel down the road instead. After lunch, we wrote back home.