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Alice In Wonderland Day 2022

We are all set and ready to celebrate the world of imagination and madness on Alice in Wonderland Day on July 4. The amazing fictional world, created by Lewis Carroll in 1865, is the telling of a young girl who faces worldly obstacles at a tender age. More than a century later, the book continues to enjoy popularity amongst the masses not only for its original story and characters but also because of the subsequent movies that have been made of it. People also enjoy other adaptations like theater performances as well as the numerous types of Alice in Wonderland merchandise available today. Apart from all the superb details related to the story, did you know that the titular character is based on a real-life person? 

Resource: https://nationaltoday.com/alice-in-wonderland-day/

2022 · Connecticut · My Travel Journal · USA

A Morning Hike At White Memorial Conservation Center, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Kevin, Sara, and I made use of this beautiful morning. It was only 59℉ (15℃) when we drove for a hike to the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield. At the center, we parked the car by the Sawmill Field and walked along the Bantam River. In the swamps, we’ve heard a lot of frogs croaking, but couldn’t find one. They were camouflaged in the water. Close to the Mattatuck Trail, Kevin pointed out a snake. I was lucky enough to photograph the Garter Snake from head to tail before it disappeared under a rock. There were also plenty of wildflowers like chicory, purple loosestrife, swamp weed, and water lilies. A lot of people were also hiking and biking on those trails or kayaking down the Bantam River towards Bantam Lake. When we walked back to our car, we noticed it wasn’t even 9 am, yet.