2022 · Days of The Week · Saturday - Caturday

Finley, The Sailor πŸ—Ίβ›΅βš“

Finley was an extraordinary cat. He listened to his name and followed us like a dog. Even, when we said to him to walk into a particular room, he just walked right into it. He was remarkable. In three days, it will be five days since he crossed the rainbow bridge.

We always wonder, where his adventures lead him now. Katelynn has a beautiful story about Finley: “Finley is traveling the Seven Seas in a small sailboat with his newspaper hat, which he uses as his Captain hat. He has so many stories to tell from his adventures in the Caribbean, sailing around South America to get to Australia. Finley loves to hang out in New Zealand in January and February, because of the beautiful Summer weather. He’s stargazing and watches the aurora australis before he gets his boat ready to sail to Japan. There he enjoys sushi and sake with his Siamese friend 道 (Tao), who was born in Taiwan. Finley and Tao always talk about their personal adventures and do some business together, before it is time for Fin to sail to the Bering Sea. By that time, it’s early Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. There, he crosses the Arctic Sea to set sail to Europe. And this is why Finley doesn’t come home. He’s too busy sailing all over the world.” This story always helped her to cope with Finley’s death. I always asked her, where Finley was at that moment. “He must be in Copenhagen in Denmark. The Scandinavians have a lot of fresh fish from the Baltic Sea. You know Finley. He loves fresh fish”, she replied.

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