2022 · The Night Sky

The Full Buck Supermoon 2022

Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, Blessing Moon, Meadow Moon

The herbs grow tall in the forests and along the river beds. The male deer regrow their antlers as Summer peeks and matures. The Summer weather rolls across the landscape as it encourages nature to grow and produce. As the Moon waxes, we draw in the expensive energy of adventure and exploration. We spend time in the woods and at the beach. We hike and work in our gardens. As the Moon wanes, we release any judgment we may have about enjoying the playful spirit of Summer. But we also balance that with dream work, meditation, and slow gentle walks.


2022 · Delaware · Places · USA

National Delaware Day 2022

In Summer 2017 coming from Philadelphia, we reached Delaware (State #33). Being on I-95 it is not a wise idea to blink, or you’ll miss the State of Delaware … LOL. We stopped at a rest area to get a bite to eat. I loved, that they served a mix of European/American-style sandwiches. The Turkey-Brie-Apple Ciabatta-Sandwich I had for lunch was very delicious. The lady at the counter warmed it for a minute, which made the cheese melt a little bit. I also had a Danish as a dessert. It was good, very good! Half of the sandwich, I kept for later on the road. Because it was very filling. And that was our time traveling through Delaware.

Happy National Delaware Day!

2022 · Days of The Week · Wildlife Wednesday

Pickerel Frog (Lithobates palustris)

The Pickerel Frog is common in Connecticut. Its skin is light brown with distinct, blocky, darker brown spots. Pickerel frogs are never green. Their bellies are white and the skin under their legs is orangey-yellow. This is believed to be a warning of their unpalatability. Pickerel frogs can be 2 to 3 1/2 inches long. Northern Leopard Frogs and Pickerel Frogs are sometimes confused. A pickerel frog is never green. It has orange-yellow skin under its legs. Its spots are squarish. A leopard frog can be green or brown. The skin under its legs is white. Its spots are rounded.

Resource: http://wildlifeofct.com/pickerel%20frog.html