August Summer Rain In Connecticut (2)

This evening, we’ve got another break from the heat and humidity in Connecticut. With the rain came also more pleasant temperatures. And the air smelled fresher. Sara was outside, catching raindrops with her tongue. I warned her to watch out for birds, LOL. We still have several days of heat ahead of us. On Thursday, it is supposed to be 98℉ (37℃). For New England, this is hot. Kevin, Sara, and I are used to this kind of weather. It’s much hotter in Texas.

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Our Greenhouse Garden In Early August 2022 (1)

Yesterday morning, I checked the plants in the greenhouse. After I added some fish emulsion to the watering can a couple of weeks ago, everything looked great and green, yesterday. The tomato, basil, and zucchini plants grew much bigger. My eggplant fruit didn’t grow much. But it has two more blossoms. Hopefully, our sunflowers will take off soon. They would provide some shade for me to sit in the greenhouse in the afternoons.

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Beautiful Harvest Season 2022 (2)


Happy Harvest Season!


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Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota 2010

Leaving Wyoming, we entered the Black Hill National Forest, where we made our way to Mount Rushmore. But first, we drove through Custer, passed Crazy Horse, and looked at some interesting stone formations, while driving on US 385 and US 244.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial & Keystone, South Dakota

After visiting South Dakota, Kevin, the kids and I made it to Nebraska for the night. That night, they had a lot of tornado warnings. So, we tried to find a motel as soon as possible. The following day, all the storms were out of the area. And we could make our way all the way back to Dallas, Texas. We were happy to be back home.