International Lefthanders Day 2022

Finley made sure; Sara did her homework.

Sara is a Lefthander herself. We found out early, when she was still a baby and tried to reach everything with her left hand. We haven’t seen a lot of disadvantages. However, it was not easy for me to guide her hand writing a letter or word sometimes. I had to take her hand as a fist and guide it. Eventually, we figured it out together.

Happy International Lefthanders Day, Sara!

2022 · Days of The Week · In Our Garden · On Our Property · Saturday - Caturday

Ozzy, The Garden Inspector

Two years ago, Ozzy came out to join Chewbacca in the backyard in Texas. Once he was tired of pouncing to catch bugs, he enjoyed a stroll through the raised bed garden. He had a lot of fun playing “Hide and Seek” with Chewbacca. Ozzy played garden inspector next. The pumpkin leaves make nice umbrellas for shade; the potatoes and tomatoes show another set of nice leaves to hide behind them. And the bird feeder is refilled for the delicious “food” to show up in the garden. Everything is perfect for a young cat to explore the yard. When Ozzy decided to sneak over into the neighbor’s yard, the exploration was over. He had to go back inside. Exploration makes a cat very hungry. It was dinner and then nap time for our little “Meatball”. Ozzy loves meatballs and he looked like one.