Sunrise In The Naugatuck River Valley (1)

Letting the dogs out, I saw this beautiful sunrise this morning. It became fierier with the sun rising. There were also four bats flying overhead. But they are so fast, my camera couldn’t pick them up. I probably have to film them instead when I get the next chance. Once a hawk was after the bats, they quickly disappeared into their hideouts.

2022 · Days of The Week · Saturday - Caturday

The New Cat Tree 🐈

Our cats got so spoiled last Christmas. Not only have they gotten toys and catnip. They’ve also got a new cat tree. After tossing the old tree out in Texas, this was long overdue. Benny and Ozzy climbed and played in the tree as well. However today, the older cats enjoyed the cat tree for themselves. Joshua and Chewbacca loved to groom each other and looked out of the living room window together. While it was cool and windy outside, they did bird watching in a warm and cozy house. “MEOW!”