2022 · Beautiful Colors of Autumn

Back To School 2022/2023

📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉

Today is the first day of “Back To School”. Our youngest, Sara, is the only one left to go to regular school. Sara is a 7th grader in Middle School. And she will ride on the school bus for the first time this year. Not that Sara is happy about the bus ride. But this will help me with scheduling appointments and I don’t have to worry about picking her up from school. I have the feeling she will make some friends on the school bus as well. Now off to new adventures and learning. I remember, 7th grade was my favorite school year. 📚🍎🦉

Happy First Day Back To School!

📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉 📚🍎🦉

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