2022 · Beautiful Colors of Autumn · Festivals · Special Events

Apple Picking At The Rogers Orchards In Southington, Connecticut 2022 🍎


Kevin, Sara, and I went to an orchard for apple picking today. We could pick Gala, Honey Crisp, and McIntosh apples. But first, we had to purchase a bag at the gate, before we could enter the orchard. Well, we’ve got over a dozen fresh-picked apples for $14. And we made sure we filled the back up to the rim. When I went over to the row of Gala apples, I picked the perfect apple: nicely red with a stem and a little leaf on it. Kevin mentioned: “This is the perfect teacher’s apple. Sara, you can bring this one to your new school teacher on Tuesday.” Sara replied: “That would be Ms. ***. She’s my math teacher.” We all began to laugh. Math is not Sara’s strong suit. After filling up the whole bag and munching on another apple, we made our way back to the car. Apple picking should be an annual family tradition in our house.


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