2022 · Halloween Season

And So, It Begins …. Halloween Season 2022


My favorite season has begun. And now it is time to get out the Halloween decorations. Since we have pallets from the greenhouse floor, cinder blocks, and soil delivery, Kevin and I wanted to make a pirate ship out of them. Unfortunately, that takes more time and planning than just slapping it together. It also needs to look good. So, we decided we would let the pirate ship go and make an old charred-looking fence out of some of the pallets. Meanwhile, I might get some more ideas about what I could do with the rest of them. The idea of the graveyard came to mind when I pulled my 5-foot skeleton out of the box and I sat it on the tree stump. Kevin still has to run the electric line up the hill and get the lights installed in the graveyard. But this has to wait.


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