National Black Dog Day 2022

Zoey wants to make an announcement on “National Black Dog Day”

Hey, y’all! I’m Zoey, a black Pitador, adopted from The Colony Animal Shelter, over three years ago. Today is also NATIONAL BLACK DOG DAY. And therefore I want to say something. We black doggies are full of unconditional love, playful, and have beautiful shiny fur. On top of that, we make great companions, just like all the other puppies. I don’t know, why we get so easily overlooked when it comes to adopting a dog. All I know, is I’m very thankful, that the Chesters had a big heart and let me be a part of their pack from there on forward. I appreciate it very much for being a good dog, giving them sweet puppy kisses, make a good playmate for the kids and my furry brothers and sisters, which are another dog and three cats. Please! Next time, when y’all go to the shelter, consider adopting one of our doggies with black fur. Here is sweet YEEHAA! from a southern four-legged beauty. Thank you for taking your time, for reading these words. It’s time for me to go back and play with my stick and my tennis ball. And to all my black puppy friends:

Happy Black Dog Day!

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