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A Morning Walk At Veteran’s Memorial Park In Watertown, Connecticut (2)


Happy New England Autumn!


2022 · Halloween Season

Kevin’s DIY Witches’ Cauldron 2009


Kevin worked on the cauldron in previous years. But it came out the best on Halloween 2009. He had to cut a hole in the bottom to fit a pipe for the fog maker. A purple light bulb was installed before he aligned the inner cauldron with some dark fabric. Kevin glued some eyeballs and bones on top of the fabric to make them look like the witch just tossed them for her brew in the cauldron. Of course, needed a stand and a “fire”. Kevin got some golfball-sized styrofoam balls, cut a small hole, and spray painted them, so they would look like charcoal. Then he pushed red string lights in the precut holes to make the “charcoal look like it is glowing in the fire. Once the stand and the “charcoal” were in place, he set the cauldron on top of it and let the fog machine do its job. Ta-da! The witch had some brew cooking.


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Peter Pan’s Neverland Scavenger Hunt, Walt Disney World, Florida 2011

On the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, we went on a scavenger hunt to find Peter Pan and the hook he stole from Captain Hook. While we were waiting for our tour guide, Daisy crossed our way and waved Hello. After some time, the “Accountant” came out and excused the tour guide that he had an emergency. Then the accountant ran back into the office. Two minutes later he came back out with the Scavenger Clues, wiped the sweat off his forehead, and said, that he will guide the scavenger hunt, and we all have to help him. πŸ˜„

Off we went on our journey through Disney’s Magic Kingdom. On Main Street, we posed as Disney characters, in Tomorrowland we had to find hitten Mickey’s and say Hello to a piano-playing alien. The accountant dragged us to the wishing well by the castle, where we had to wish for something before we rode on Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland. Somewhere between all this spectacle, I ended up dancing and clucking like a chicken and couldn’t stop until we made our way to Adventureland, where we danced the Hula in front of the Tikis across from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. In the court of Pirates of the Caribbean, we finally found Peter Pan. He had one more task for us: looking for the hook he took from Captain Hook. And sure enough, Rylee found it. Out of two dozen scavenger hunters, she was the one who held the hook up in the air. As a prize, we got to shoot photos with Peter Pan and the “Accountant”, who was happy we made it safely through the scavenger hunt. Captain Hook and his crew could have sneaked up on us any moment.

… to be continued …