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The Total Lunar Eclipse In November 2022

Despite it being a chilly and windy morning, I still went outside to photograph the Lunar Eclipse. When I walked up the driveway, I also could see many star constellations. Due to a clear sky, the stars were very bright. On top of the driveway, I had to hurry up. The Moon set soon. However, it was still in the phase of totality. When I was done capturing photos, it dawned in the east. I also had enough of the cold wind. I was chilled and needed some coffee.

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida 2011 (1)

While our family waited for the parade to begin, we all took a stroll through Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Kevin, our sister-in-law, and the kids rode Splash Mountain. Sara and I sat on a bench and waited for them. Later, we all went to the Haunted Mansion because it is a much slower ride. Due to the warmer weather, I also noticed that the trees began to bud and bloom.

… to be continued …