Neico, The Male Betta Butterflyfish

On Christmas, Santa put a fish tank under the tree. Sara wanted a fish for so long. And Santa was positive, Sara is old enough to take care of a pet fish. But she had to do some research and get the fish herself. After reading books on fish and purchasing a pump, a filter, a heater, and some other important knick-knacks to get the water chlorine-free and circle it through, she purchased her fish today. First, she thought about getting a guppy. But she wanted something a little bit bigger, which would fit in her 5-gallon tank. She looked at the bettas. And one got her attention due to its colors. It is a Premium Male Betta Butterfly. And he’s so adorable. Sara gave him the name Neico.

So, now we can say we officially have a zoo: two dogs, four cats, and a fish. Joshua wanted Neico for dinner already. Can we blame him? There is nothing better for a cat than fresh “sushi”. He went nuts over that fish. Joshua is now banned from Sara’s room. She doesn’t want to come home from school one day, and Neico is gone.

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