2023 · Connecticut · Hiking In Connecticut · USA

A Short Hike In Southford Falls State Park, Southbury, Connecticut In January

At the turn of the century, this was the site of the Diamond Match Company. Scenic waterfalls are at the northwest end of the Park on the Eight Mile River. The Larkin Bridle Trail is nearby. Southford Falls was established as a state park in 1932 and has 169 acres.



Temperatures near the freezing point, a chilly wind, and some snowflakes won’t stop Kevin and me from a hike in January. We are good to go as long as we are bundled up and the trails are not icy. Last weekend, we decided we hike in Southford Falls State Park. Mainly, I wanted to see the falls close to the parking lot. But we went further down the trail before the fallen trees stopped us in our tracks. There we’ve noticed, bigger snowflakes coming down. Before it got too messy, Kevin and I went back up the trail. I captured a few more photos And then we warmed up in the car. Winter weather is cold in Connecticut. However, we don’t have to deal with the bugs in the Winter season.

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