2023 · Connecticut · USA

National Submarine Day 2023

In early May 2021, Kevin and I visited Avery Point Lighthouse in Groton, Connecticut. Walking towards the Shennecossett Yacht Club, we heard quite a commotion on the Thames River. We wondered, what was going on. The U.S. Coast Guards made so much noise, we first thought someone is in deep trouble. Come to find out, the Coast Guards were guiding a Submarine out of the river and the bay to the sound into deeper waters. Later I discovered that there is a Naval Submarine Base and a museum, where the Nautilus is located upstream of the river. That was very interesting. I haven’t seen a submarine in 31 years. When I was 16, I had the chance to see the “Wilhelm Bauer” (U-2540) Submarine in Bremerhaven, Germany. Seeing the submarine entering the Long Island Sound was the highlight of this trip to New London/Groton.

Today is National Submarine Day. It celebrates the purchase of the USS Holland, the first modern commissioned submarine. This day is important to the submarine community as it honors the US Navy’s purchase of their first modern submarine, but life underwater isn’t all that glamorous. Often, crews are out at sea for months at a time and return when food supplies run low. Subs can be cramped with tedious tasks to complete daily, and some might not always be the best of friends with everybody on board. It’s not just enemies and the sea they have to contend with.

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