This is me.

My name is Tanja. I used to live in a small North Texas city within the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex for 16 years before I moved to an even smaller town in the Central Naugatuck River Valley of Connecticut. I have a house on a close to two-acre property including a forest. My husband got transferred from Dallas to Danbury last year. This was a great opportunity for a new chapter in our lives. I have three kids (27, 18, and 12 years old), two dogs, four cats, and plenty of critters on our property. Not to forget to mention, we have big white-tailed deer, and Bruno, the black bear, roaming in our yard. 

In 2004, I immigrated with my husband and my middle child from Germany to the United States of America. My husband was stationed as an Army Soldier in Germany from 2000 until 2004. His tour of Europe also took him to Africa and the Middle East. We met, while I worked in a big retail store for the US Armed Forces in Germany. The rest is history. 

I love traveling and visited 39 US states and Ontario, Canada so far. No worries, I still will see the other 11 states and more Canadian Territories. It’s on my bucket list. Speaking of Bucket List: One of my biggest dreams is to travel to Australia and New Zealand. But after all my favorite spot is sitting on a chair on my deck under the sunroom, drinking a cup of tea, while watching my kids and my pets playing together. And I like to watch the Sun setting; the Moon, the planets, and the stars rising in the night sky.

So here is my blog page and I invite you virtually to my little corner of planet Earth.

– April 2022 –


About The Blog Name

“Under The White Oak Leaves” is a wordplay and originates from me living in Connecticut. The Connecticut State Tree is the White Oak Tree/Charter Oak Tree. 


Under The Pecan Tree

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