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A Sunny January Afternoon In Texas ~ 2013

I miss those warmer January days in North Texas. Don’t get me wrong, Texas can have some cold Winter days. But on a lot of days, it was warm enough to sit on the backyard deck to enjoy wildlife feeding on berries, and watch the clouds go by in the sky. It also was easier to photograph the birds in the trees, in January and February. There was no leaf to obstruct the view.

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Travel Journal, Day 1 (Part III): Fort Niagara State Park At Lake Ontario, Youngstown, New York

September 9, 2022

Before sunset, Kevin, Sara, and I drove to Fort Niagara State Park, at the corner of the lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario in Youngstown, New York. While Kevin and Sara spent some time at the playground, I went down to Fort Niagara State Park Beach. There I’ve got a good shot of Toronto across the lake. Due to our planet’s curve and some mist on Lake Ontario, the lower part of the skyline wasn’t visible from where my viewpoint in the US. Shortly, Kevin and Sara joined me to watch the sunset, which gave the lake a golden hue.

… to be continued …

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Echo Lake Park In Early September 2022


It has been a while since I was at Echo Lake Park. The last time Kevin and I visited the park we saw the beaver pulling a big tree branch across the lake. This was shortly after school ended. Now that school is back in session and Autumn is coming, I’ll visit the lake more frequently again. A few trees showed signs of Autumn. But I also enjoy the native blooms at the park. The Common Evening Primroses, Goldenrods, Joe-Pye Weeds, Knotweed, and Purple Loosestrifes are in full bloom. Geese and ducks hang out at Echo Lake Park. They enjoy the cooler mornings and warm afternoons as well. It was a beautiful day today.