2022 · Beautiful Colors of Autumn

Echo Lake Park In Early September 2022


It has been a while since I was at Echo Lake Park. The last time Kevin and I visited the park we saw the beaver pulling a big tree branch across the lake. This was shortly after school ended. Now that school is back in session and Autumn is coming, I’ll visit the lake more frequently again. A few trees showed signs of Autumn. But I also enjoy the native blooms at the park. The Common Evening Primroses, Goldenrods, Joe-Pye Weeds, Knotweed, and Purple Loosestrifes are in full bloom. Geese and ducks hang out at Echo Lake Park. They enjoy the cooler mornings and warm afternoons as well. It was a beautiful day today.


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The Beaver At Echo Lake Park

Kevin and I went for a small hike at Echo Lake Park after dinner. He’s still recovering from last week’s trip to Dallas. The jetlag is real. The best way to get rid of it is moving around and staying hydrated. We did our little walk behind the lake. Back there we’ve met the King/Queen of Echo Lake, a nice big beaver. He/she was working on its beautiful water mansion, getting small tree branches from the lake dam. It was quite interesting watching the beaver swimming with the branch across the lake. A family across the lake was fishing. Once they saw the beaver, they were quite fascinated by the strength of the beaver as well.

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Echo Lake Park, Watertown, Connecticut In April (1)

After dropping off Sara in school, I drove over to Echo Lake Park. Echo Lake Park is my favorite spot in Watertown. And it is only half a mile from our house. Usually, when I go there, I get greeted by a lot of Canada Geese. Today, there was a lonely goose paddling on the lake. My guess is that the other geese arrived at the park, later. I’m still waiting for the trees to bud and turn green. However, this could take until the end of April into the beginning of May. Connecticut teaches me a lot of patience in nature, for sure.

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The Eastern Skunk Cabbage At Echo Lake Park

This morning I found Skunk Cabbage in the swamps in the northern part of Echo Lake and Echo Lake Brook. Since the Skunk Cabbage is a Harbinger of Spring, I was very exited to see most of them open to show off their Spadix, which is the seedball inside of the plant. I really like their Bourdeaux speckled with green colored Spathe. When I touched the spade to find out about the texture of the Skunk Cabbage, I definitely knew where they’ve got their name. My fingers had a very light smell of skunk spray. I can’t wait to explore more new plants in the area this Spring.