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Foggy & Rainy Weather On New Year’s Eve 2022

This morning was extremely foggy. And the fog stuck around when it began to rain around noon. It was wet. But it wasn’t cold. Our neighbor made sure all the critters were fed in his yard. As soon as he poured some bird seeds, the Black-capped Chickadees and White-breasted Nuthatches arrived in his yards. We had a lot of fun watching them. I guess, it is time to get more seeds for the small critters and apples for the ‘possum and deer.

2022 · Beautiful Colors of Autumn · In Our Garden · On Our Property

The Remnants of “Ian”


While Hurricane Ian was causing a lot of damage in the Caribbean, Florida, and Carolinas, it began to fall apart as a tropical storm in Virginia last week. Now, the remnants of Ian linger in the northeast causing temperatures to drop, high winds, and a lot of rain for the last three days and nights. I’m tired of the rain. Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to warm up into the low 70s with some sunshine. This will hopefully be a much better opportunity for some Autumn photos.


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Autumn Rain In Connecticut (1)


This rainy weather is so refreshing. We had a high of 64℉ (13℃), today. I opened our bedroom window, washed the sheets, and did more laundry while I had some beef cooking in the slow cooker. This is perfect house chore weather. It has been steadily raining since late yesterday afternoon. and we still expect more rain overnight. Nature keeps soaking it all up. As you can see in the photos, the leaves are still green. But it won’t take too long anymore before the trees wear their crimson and golden dresses again.


2022 · Beautiful Colors of Autumn · In Our Forest · On Our Property

Thunderstorms & Early Signs of Autumn In New England


This afternoon, we finally got the welcome rain we needed so desperately. And we still could use more rain in New England. We had a nice thunderstorm. Once the sun came back out, I could see the rainbow in the distance. The drought took a toll on the trees. There is a chance, we might get an early Autumn display this year. Some of the trees and vines have changed their colors significantly over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, not all leaves will turn in September. It would be nice to have an Indian Summer throughout October.


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August Summer Storm In Connecticut (1)

This afternoon we had a nice thunderstorm coming through the Naugatuck River Valley. It cooled the air for a little bit. Therefore, it was comfortable sitting inside the greenhouse and listening to the raindrops hitting the roof. Button, my little greenhouse spider, seemed to like the break from the heat as well. She was hanging in there 😁. Now that the sun is back, it seems like nothing ever happened. And it is muggy, again.


August Summer Rain In Connecticut (2)

This evening, we’ve got another break from the heat and humidity in Connecticut. With the rain came also more pleasant temperatures. And the air smelled fresher. Sara was outside, catching raindrops with her tongue. I warned her to watch out for birds, LOL. We still have several days of heat ahead of us. On Thursday, it is supposed to be 98℉ (37℃). For New England, this is hot. Kevin, Sara, and I are used to this kind of weather. It’s much hotter in Texas.

2022 · On Our Property · The Greenhouse

Our Greenhouse Garden In Late July 2022 (2)

The vine tomatoes and peppers begin to ripen in the greenhouse. And the seedlings emerge from the soil. So far, I have borage, bush beans, cucumbers, and sunflowers as seedlings. I believe that once it is a little bit cooler, some more plants will pop out of the raised beds. Due to last night’s rain, it was cooler today. This might help with seed germination. I also have a greenhouse helper: Button, the spider. She makes sure our plants stay bug-free. I haven’t seen Karmo (toad) in a while. He’s probably camouflaged or hiding in the soil.


A Rainy Day In Connecticut (7)

We had rain all day, today. And it came down quite a bit. The rain was so needed. The plants and the animals appreciate the fresh water from the sky. Everyone and everything was thirsty; except for Zoey. She decided she could wait to potty. And she rather chose the home office to do her business. I told her, this is not the business we do in that room. Zoey knew she did something wrong. She lowered her head, the ears went down and she trotted off to take a nap in Katelynn’s room. The joy of owning a pet. I definitely could tell, she was embarrassed and sorry.

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A Rainy Day In Connecticut (6)

This is a nice rain relief; we have been getting it since last night. The temperatures have been much cooler for the last couple of days. We turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. This is a nice little break, before the Summer’s heat turns on again. The weather is supposed to be in the upper 70s to mid 80s (25℃ – 30℃) for the rest of the week.

2022 · In Our Garden · On Our Property

A Rainy Day In Connecticut (5)

Since the early morning hours, we have had rainstorms passing through Connecticut. Due to the rain, the air feels so refreshing. It is cleaner from all these pollens flying around, which are causing us to have seasonal allergies. Here in New England our allergies are not as bad as in Texas. But we still get them. Mostly our throats are itching. Today, we can walk outside without any symptoms. It is nice having a break. I used this opportunity to capture photos of the rain on our back porch. And I filled a couple of milk containers with rain water from the gutter. At some point, we need to get one of those rain water barrels. we had in Texas. Fresh rain water for the garden and greenhouse is still the best.

2022 · In Our Garden · On Our Property

A Rainy Day In Connecticut (4)

It began to rain in the early morning. And the rain lasted until the late morning hours. While I captured photos of droplets, a Northern Cardinal fledgling got confused and almost landed on me. Once it figured out, I wasn’t mommy or daddy it made a sharp turn and sat on the porch railing.

Today, it was a cool day. However, this weekend we are supposed to get temperatures in the mid-90s (35℃). It will feel just like Texas, before the weather cools down to the 70s on Monday.


A Refreshing Spring Rainstorm ~ May 2022

Earlier, when I laid out more bricks for the greenhouse floor it felt very humid outside. Later, it got breezy and the temperatures began to cool down a little bit. It started to get more comfortable. But with the breeze, the darker clouds and a storm front moved in. The rain was so refreshing. After the darkest clouds moved out, the sun began to shine again. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a rainbow.